BOCO FIT™ products


BOCO FIT™ represents specially designed hygiene products and underwear with following characteristics:


  • Body conforming 3D-design by use of simple textile web materials,
  • No contracting elastic strands in the crotch area of the wearer are needed,
  • Fixing of product by means of leg hoops at wearer’s legs.


Because of design-inherent better fit, elastic strands in BOCO FIT™ hygiene products are not required in principle. Partial use of extensible nonwovens nevertheless could be an advantage, e.g. for side panels of pull-on products, so that such products can be moved up- and downward conveniently. The elimination of elastic strands in the crotch area of hygiene articles has far-reaching benefits for their use and production (e.g. productivity, consumption and cost of materials). Please refer to Sustainability for more details.


Even though the BOCO FIT™ design based chassis acts extremely synergistically with the novel HELIXBOND absorbent cores , many of the described improvements can also be achieved by combining BOCO FIT™ with any conventional absorbent cores.


Totally glue-free BOCO SONIC underwear (open - with closure systems like conventional diapers oder closed) can be made very efficiently in the BOCO FIT™ design by using HELIXBOND absorbent cores. Such products exhibit a unique comfortable softness whilst delivering excellent liquid intake and retention. 


So called breathable hygiene articles can be realized cost-efficiently in the BOCO FIT™ design, since consumption of expensive films and film laminates is reduced to a minimum.


A selection of special executions is described below:


BOCO CLEAN for babies and adults

User- friendly longitudinal folding

Glue- free n*XL brief sizes

Single Item packing


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