Success Story of Baby Diapers and AI Products


Stepping out of the 20th century into the 21st - The success story of baby diapers and adult incontinence products continues

The founders of BOCO TECH have been working for many years in development, manufacturing and management of well-known brands of baby diapers and adult incontinence products und have made significant contributions to further developments of all product categories. They are contemporary witnesses of the highly dynamic product and technology developments, which took place towards the end of the 20th century.



Elastic strands in chassis and superabsorbent polymers in absorbent cores paved the way to the success of products at the end of the 20th century

With conventional products a flat absorbent core for the intake of urine and faeces is positioned between wearer’s legs. The absorbent core is embedded in a chassis serving for leakage and skin protection. Further, the product is anchored around the waist and belly of the wearer – like a belt. In addition, complex elastic components (e.g. leg and barrier elastics, elastic ears and side panels) and additional barrier cuffs are used. Such components may not only cause a deterioration of fit (keyword “sagging”) – but first and foremost they make manufacturing of such products more expensive.

Until the introduction of superabsorbent polymers, urine handling performance correlated directly with product thickness, because more fluff could bind more liquid and vice versa. The trend towards thinner and simultaneously higher performing products was initiated by adding more and more superabsorbent polymer to the fluff of the cores. First fluff-free products were introduced into the market at the beginning of the 21st century.  Realization of this technology for adult incontinence products limps behind – not least due to incrusted and non-uniform reimbursement rules of national health insurances.

In particular, when faeces as being frequently loaded into diapers of e.g. newborn babies or bed-ridden adults, mixes with urine, this can be strongly irritate wearer’s skin. The resulting dangers for the health are well-known to the hygiene industry, but so far no break-through solution to this problem could be found in the market with conventional product concepts.



Sustainability is the key to the success of new 21st century products


In 2005 Christoph Schmitz started to search for the “grail” (or “gold standard”) of hygiene articles: Absorbent underwear. Thereby he developed a radical change in the design of hygiene articles that provides many advantages: The products should conform to the complex three-dimensional body of the wearer and should predominantly be fixed at the legs of the wearer. During the following years he laid the foundation of efficient design and manufacturing principles for the chassis of such products – which since 2009 is called the BOCO FIT™ design. With this, discrete, comfortable and eco-friendly baby diapers and adult incontinence products can be made in highly efficient ways using less and less expensive materials compared to conventional products. BOCO TECH is named after Body Conforming Technologies which were developed in order to realize BOCO FIT™ products.

To the benefit for many babies and people suffering from faecal incontinence as well as their parents and caretakers, BOCO FIT™ products can be equipped with CLEAN SKIN barrier cuffs. The basic principle of separating faeces from the skin - as enabled by the accurate fixation of the product on the wearer as enabled by the BOCO FIT TM design - was invented in 2009. Since then, C4S optimized the so called BOCO CLEAN products to today’s, the status of unmatched skin cleanliness.


Thus, in comparison to concepts of the 20th century, of the BOCO FIT™ design has following advantages:


·  Reduced leakage and improved skin protection
·  Easier handling and more wearing comfort
·  Improved environmental soundness
·  Lower production and distribution costs


Further, BOCO FIT™ pants without absorbent cores can serve as single use or travel underwear respectively.

The most recent chapter started in 2011, when C4S joined forces with Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG (HERRMANN) and developed a revolutionary process for ultrasonic bonding which uses a flexible anvil (name: HELIXBOND). This process enables for example to produce very soft, glue- and fluff-free absorbent cores with high wet-integrity on the HELIXBOND CORE FORMER, especially designed and built for this purpose.


Such cores further enabled Christoph Schmitz to produce glue-free diapers in the BOCO FIT™ design (BOCO SONIC DISPOSABLE ARTICLES). In a following step he also developed glue-free pants including a special process in order to avoid waste: material pre-cuts are cut out from one web, replaced in a new position on this web, and bonded by ultra-sonic means to a new web which is used for the side panels of the product. This process results in a maximum use of material (trim-free is also possible) at optimal fit. After this product design innovation, individual process steps were further optimized, simplified, and combined. The result: a UNIVERSAL CONVERTER – one single machine is able to produce pants and (open) diapers (Step In and Open Sides Pants) in all sizes from Baby to Adult nXL at minimum change-over efforts. Whoever was in search of a “jack of all trades device” – probably he will not be able to come closer to it! 






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