Production line for glue-free absorbent underwear (open and closed)


One possibility for the making of glue-free diapers was presented at INDEX 2014 for the first time and nominated under BOCO SONIC for INDEX 2014 AWARD. A computer animation from HERRMANN Ultraschall illustrates the process at that time: 


Further development of this process by C4S generated a new, again revolutionary line-design-concept in the course of 2014: a UNIVERSAL CONVERTER for producing of open (diaper type) and closed (pant type) hygiene products which approximate the ideal of “underwear” in such way that from now on we call them “Absorbent Underwear”. In conventional manufacturing of both product types not only two different machines are in use but also within one machine type, different models are used for making related product sizes. The flexibility of the UNIVERSAL CONVERTER enables to produce both product types in all relevant sizes on one single machine at minimum change-over effort.

The new converter uses the “stacking principle” for material webs in combination with ultra-sonic bonding technologies as well as new methods in order to cut off fitting material pre-cuts which are shifted to another position (amongst others by “phase shifting” with or w/o orientation transformation). 



Running MULTI-LANE (which means parallel producing multiple of products on one converter) is a valid option as well.

Such processes are particularly well suited to manufacture n*XL briefs with extra-long side panel extensions which are Leporello folded and fixed inside the side panels during manufacturing.

When only wanting to exploit the benefits of a glue-free chassis, this could of course be combined through a layer of glue with conventional inserts consisting of absorbent core, topsheet and backsheet as well. In this case, the BOCO SONIC CHASSIS MAKER can be readily used for upgrading of existing production lines.


In order to avoid more complex process options, we recommend to using a minimum amount of glue which is applied on the topsheet for BOCO FIT™ products with CLEAN SKIN barrier cuffs

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