Highly flexible production lines for diapers and pull-on products


Manufacturing of a complete assortment of products on one single production line, which virtually can be changed over in a push-button mode without changing size change parts, does not exist with current technologies. We are making this possible now, in particular when using the HELIXBOND CORE FORMER, but also with a rectangular conventional fluff based core forming system. With variable adjustment of absorbent core length and amount of superabsorbent polymer it is easy to adjust liquid intake requirements at a constant width of the core (which is possible for a wide assortment of baby diapers and adult incontinence products). By sandwiching such cores between top- and backsheet, rectangular center pieces or inserts can be created. All these elements, i.e. absorbent cores, center pieces and inserts, can be readily length adjusted such as by conventional cut and place units in a push-button mode to adapt the individual pieces according to the requirements of the product assortment. Complete diapers and pull-on products can be made out of such components by either combining a center piece with side panels or an insert with an outer chassis. Thus, by applying  this ON-THE-FLY concept to such combinations of BOCO FIT™ products with external leg hoops, a production line can be designed, which is able to produce diapers and pull-on products for baby or adult without using size change parts over a wide range of the product assortment. 

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