Well-being of wearers and relief for caretakers


Improved wearing comfort and discreteness


The better and sustained fit of absorbent articles, which are designed according to the BOCO FIT™ principles and equipped with appropriate absorbent cores, improves the well-being of wearers at all ages dramatically. First and foremost, the leakage protection is outstanding, but also the overall desire for better discreteness is much better addressed than compared to conventional products – an aspect of particular relevance for adolescent and adult user, as their dignity is directly affected.


Generally, good leakage protection can only be achieved, when the products fit well to the body so as to provide good gasketing, and when this is maintained throughout the wear time. In particular, when thinner absorbent cores are used, high absorbent capacity alone is not sufficient. The BOCO FIT™ design addresses these issues by secure and sustained positioning of the articles between the legs, thus allowing designing even thinner cores without compromising liquid handling performance so as to make the products almost indistinguishable to non-absorbent underwear. In other words, such products come close to the gold standard “absorbent underwear”.


The discreteness is further improved by the easy handling – application even without support by a further person.


Improved skin protection


As the BOCO FIT TM Design does not require ruffling elastic strands in the crotch region, the risk of skin irritation or even bedsore due to the pressure impact is minimized. In case of fecal incontinence, CLEAN SKIN barrier cuffs of BOCO CLEAN products provide the additional benefit of separating the aggressive constituents from the skin and keep them off in a sustained position – a novelty to the world market.


A further widely spread approach to improve skin health is the use of so called breathable materials in the outer layer of the article. However, such materials also imply increased material cost such that they are rarely – especially for adult products - used for the center piece, and / or for side panel designer and manufacturer of such articles aim at minimizing the usage of such materials. Even further, such materials often have poorer mechanical properties. The BOCO FIT™ design addresses both aspects – not only is the material usage reduced and a smaller area of the skin occluded, but also the strain on the materials is significantly reduced due to a better distribution of the forces to sustain fit.


More time for the essentials


The designed-in highly efficient leakage protection of BOCO FIT™ as well as the lower risk of skin irritations allows parents and caretakers to better focus on the essentials.


Cleaning of skin after defecation can be an exhausting issue with conventional products. In contrast, development of BOCO CLEAN articles aims even for high loadings at “one wipe is enough”.


In contradiction to conventional inserts and briefs for medium and severe incontinence, which should be stretched and longitudinally folded prior to donning, correspondent BOCO FIT™ products can be applied much easier, because no longitudinally running elastics induce crumpling of the product and the critical fit in the crotch region can be much easier established. In addition, BOCO FIT™ products can already be designed, produced and packed longitudinally pre-folded.


BOCO FIT™ allows customized closure and opening features of almost any conceivable execution – adapted to the needs of caretaker and/or user or both.

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