Higher productivity and lower cost of production and logistics


Shorter product length helps gaining productivity and saves material cost


Most state of the art production lines are operated in MD or in a hybrid MD/CD mode. This means, effective output of such lines depends on the ratio of product length and linear line speed of the machine. Shorter product means higher output and vice versa.

Elastic forces in the crotch region of conventional hygiene articles reduce their effective product length for a wearer by about 10 – 15 % compared to BOCO FIT™ articles which cover the same size range. This means, at the same line speed more BOCO FIT™ products can run through a certain process. Multi-line operation multiplies not only the general output of such machines but also such effects.

Further, the smaller surface area of BOCO FIT™ articles saves material cost in addition. Usage of less sophisticated material (e.g. abandonment of fluff, elastic strings and glue) makes the manufacturing of BOCO FIT™ articles even more efficient and less expensive.


In conventional products, elastic materials cannot be avoided in the crotch area, because they have to conform the flat chassis to the body and create an open “drip cup”. Due to the fact design principles of BOCO FIT™ products, no leg elastics are necessary. Further, in conventional products, elastic materials are used for improving fit in the waist area by using relatively expensive materials – hence increasing cost. The BOCO FIT™ design principles allow minimized use of these materials – if not eliminating them completely, such as by creating proper fit by applying “contour tucks”.

Apart from marketing costs, material and logistics cost represent the biggest share in manufacturing and distribution cost of hygiene articles. Following spread sheet gives you a first idea of possible savings in material cost by switching from conventional to BOCO FIT™ product design.


BOCO SONIC Component in g
Example Total Chassis Core SAP
Baby Size 4 26 6 20 14
AI Brief Size M 45-58 13 32-45 20-33




Thin absorbent cores save a lot of money and improve carbon footprint


Depending on the particular product, distance and supply chain structure the cost of logistics and warehousing may add up to 25 %of sales price. These costs are mainly driven by the shipping volume of the products which is very much determined by absorbent core and packaging design. The BOCO FIT™ design allows reduced distribution effort.

HELIXBOND absorbent cores are setting a benchmark for thin diaper and incontinence product design. They fit very well to the BOCO FIT™ chassis and enable many producers to reduce their transportation cost significantly, especially in the field of incontinence products. Compared to most conventional products in the market, at present for example, the number of trucks could be reduced up to 70 %, having a dramatic effect on cost of goods sold and carbon footprint!


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