Reduced burden for the environment and welfare systems


Better skin protection reduces disease-related consequential costs


Improved skin protection through e.g. dryer products, less pressure marks, improved breathability and usage of BOCO CLEAN not only implies improved well-being of the wearer but also reduced efforts and costs within welfare systems.

In particularly for large size incontinence articles, which at present are too often “cost optimized” by compromising performance, BOCO FIT™ offers solutions to reduce cost pressure at the same or even better product performance.


Improved carbon footprint


Concurrently with reducing the financial strain on consumer or reimbursements systems, the BOCO FIT™ design helps saving resources – by less material usage and even more so by using less sophisticated materials such as elastics or adhesives, thus reducing the “carbon footprint” both for manufacturing, but also for waste disposal after use.

In addition, the BOCO FIT™ design allows to eliminate “designed-in” waste (such as leg cut-outs in conventional products) – another aspects benefitting economy and ecology.

Combination of BOCO FIT™ chassis and HELIXBOND absorbent core results in new hygiene articles which avoiding many truck loads, saving a significant amount of primary energy.

The positive impact on the eco-system may be further enhanced by introducing decentralized supply chain concepts as enabled by the ON-THE-FLY-SIZE-CHANGE flexibility of certain BOCO TECH manufacturing technologies, resulting in reduced inventories but quite more importantly also reducing distribution cost and consumption of primary energy for transportation. This applies in particular to regions with low population density like rural or developing areas.  




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