Intellectual Property



BOCO TECH AG has broad – partly exclusive – access to technologies, for which patent applications have been filed, which by C4S, Concepts for Success. These applications may be pooled into “patent families” (wherein various patents and / or applications have a common priority claim).



BOCO FIT™ is a trade mark registered with OHIM and USPTO in the name of Concepts for Success.



Catchword Title Representative Publication Technology Description *
Glue free diaper
unpublished ** Ultrasonic bonding of diapers
Core Forming
Ultrasonic bonding of SAP particles embedded in Synthetic fiber web
HELIXBOND WO2012/042055
Ultrasonic bonding by using a flexible (instead of rigid) anvil, such  as a helical spring
BOCO CLEAN WO2011/064272
Bi-Directional barrier cuff to allow separation of Faeces from skin
Contour Darting WO2011/064275
Stacking and bonding of layers such that darting creates body contoured fit
BOCO DRY WO2013/087655
Bi-Directional barrier cuff to allow better separation of urine from skin
On the fly
size change
Push-button multi size manufacturing (w/o size parts changes)
Rolling of
Enables single wrapping also of lengthy articles
Versatile cd
Cross-directional web folding with exact web positioning
3D-leg hoop
Articles with 3D shape with leg hoops
(*) not necessarily exactly reflecting patent / application scope
(**) Unpublished documents can be delivered upon request

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